Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pimped Out Purple!

I Love the way this konadicure turned out. I originally did this back in June for the contest (sorry no step by step pics). Typically, I would have never even HAD this image plate in my collection...and I didn't. I borrowed it from a friend just to have something from the Konad "B kit." To my surprise, I loved this plate! There are a lot of designs I wonder about, seeing them on the computer is very different from seeing them on your a practical ,approachable, and "do-able" konadicure. So, my point is...many designs I have snubbed-actually work well on the nail. If you are ever wondering about an the Internet blogs for a konadicure featuring that image plate. Or, you could always just request one from me. Hey, it would give me the opportunity to work with a design I haven't yet!
How to create this Konadi
You will need two base colors (an extra for the accent nail). I used Savvy Deep Amethyst & Orley Dazzle. You will also need two stamping colors ( here, black & silver) and image plate m4.
1. Base coat & color all nails, paint the 4th nail an accent color.
2. Apply the first image to the top 1/3 of nail, I used silver on all but the accent nail. Black for the ring finger.

3. Apply the flower just below the first image on all nails in the same stamp color as the first image. Make sure they are parallel to the first design.
4. Apply crystal to the center of each flower.

Done & done!

Doesn't take much longer than a regular mani, but I think it looks awesome! Totally pimped out!


Solveig said...

So pretty! I love how you always do accent nails. :)

chocaddict said...

It's a really pretty mani again.
I agree with you: sometimes it's hard to imagine how a design is going to turn out on your nails when you see it on the plate.

konADDICT said...


Lucy said...

Your designs are just amazing. Each one is prettier than the next. I love how you have an accent nail.

tarotbydiana said...

It's interesting how well those designs work together. It doesn't even seem like two stamps!

I really agree. I tend to fall in love with stamps that often get overlooked.

I have a request. Could you do a post explaining how to get designs with straight lines to go across the nail perfectly? I need some tips to get the strips of lace to run straight. My nail beds are curved. That could be part of my struggle. I have no problems getting them right on my thumb, which is flatter in comparison. Any help is appreciated.

konADDICT said...

Diana....I need to start doing video demos...but basically, you ROLL the design from one edge to the other. Because your nail bed IS arched & not flat, you need to start @ one end and continue to the other. A straight up & down motion will not introduce the entire image to your nail. Therefore, a rolling motion works best. Let me know if it works for you.

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