Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMG...Totally not the nails I would normally wear, but after doing them on Lois (mo-in-law)...I decided I LOVE them & I have to do them! Believe it of not... this SPARKLY pink polish is from Claire's Boutique.

Here I used the sparkle pink, a sheer pink, Konad SP in white & black, and ONLY ONE PLATE...m39. I think it is very versatile and really has what is now, my favorite butterfly. It is even small enough to fit on my 6 year old's nail.

So here's the steps to create this...our your own style tips.
1. Paint tips & accent nail (2 coats) with sparkle polish. Hooray you don't even have to clean the line, because the stamp on smile is wide enough to cover a sloppy smile (ha ha) Notice how the middle finger isn't perfect?
2. Paint bottom 1/2 of nail with the sheer pink.
3. Apply the arched stamp across the smile line so that the stamp "straddles" both the pink sparkle & the sheer pink. Notice above I highlighted the thumb. You may need to stamp your thumb twice. The design is so forgiving, any small overlap or gap shouldn't be too noticable.
4. Stamp one white butterfly on the tipped nails, and two white on the accent nail. I like to stagger them and stamp at a slight angle. Perfect for those of you who have a hard time lining the stamp up!
Finally, add one black butterfly to each nail, again I like to position them @ an angle. Finish with a top coat, careful mot to smear! If you like bling...the stamp on the smile line is PERFECT for adding a little crystal on it.
Now it's your turn, go try it & send me your pic's (to my email please) I'd love to see & share them!


chocaddict said...

Ok I'm adding m39 to my looooong shopping list. You are so creative, it would never have occurred to me that such elaborate manis could be done with konad.
Even though the sparkly pink polish isn't something that I would go for instinctively, it does look extremely good on the tips and accent nail with the designs you used.

Kae said...

I like the design over the smile line on a french tip, I have to try that!

konADDICT said...

Thanks...yes...totally get that plate, i love it. Just got it when I got the kit...I got extra goodies (Konaddict!)& i recommend it because it has more than one image that i would use. I find i gravitate to a few fav's. I hope you use that link to ocnailart.com and SCORE on the 20% off coupon. dont forget to enter the code @ checkout!
happy stmping.

Solveig said...

This is so pretty! :D

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