Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gotta Have It!

I want to address the questions I have had regarding some key image plates I think you "gotta have!" There are a few plates in the Konad series that appeal to me the most because they have MORE THAN ONE design on the plate I would use. There are many plates I have purchased just for ONE DESIGN ALONE....but I wanted to share with you the plates I have used over & over again, and done so in different ways. I think the plates above also include many tip designs, whether used for a stamped tip, french tip, or tip with a stamped smile line. I have highlighted in green those designs I think work great on tips.

m9) the swirl design ALONE is reson enough to buy this image plate. The star shaped flowers look great too. I like the design highlighted in green, as it works great on tips.

m36) You have to have this because of the arched design I love to use on the smile line ( highlighted green.) But I aslo love the center design & the butterflies!

m57) The entire thing rocks! Who doesn't love animal print! I love the two designs that can be used on tips too....gotta have this one!

m71) I just love the lacy veiled look. The fishnet flower one is amazing too, you'll recognize that from a previous post. Finally all the lace scalloped edges work amazing on tips, or when stampe on white over a shher pink nail , can substitute for a french manicure...much fast too!
So give my picks a might decide you gotta have 'em too! Pair these discs with some basic colors of special konad polish like white, black, silver, black pearl, or even gold.

And don't forget to take advantage of the coupon!


chocaddict said...

I order m36, m57 and m71 two days ago \o/ can't wait to receive them

Lucy said...

Thanks for the plates. They are some of the best designs. Especially the animal print. Thanks for all your information.

Violet LeBeaux said...

Aha those are the same as my favorites :D

konADDICT said...

Sooo, funny! I know, these are great are't they? chocaddict...can't wait to see what you do with them!

awesomevegan said...

I have all of those coming to me in my order I am waiting for except M71. :) I am going to have so much fun once it gets here thanks to all the tips and ideas in your blog. I feel I can use some of your tips for inspiration without feeling like I have to copy a design. I will be posting pics on my blog when I get my order. Salon Pro Kit and 5 additional plates! Not a bad start LOL.

konADDICT said...

AWESOME!!!!! prosalon haw?! I know, i couldnt help it either! I am going to peek at you blog once i catch up here! Tell me, you order from Kathleen? If not, who, how was service. Always curious.

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