Sunday, July 12, 2009

French Tips...Using a Full Nail Plate Design

So, the gunmetal mani lasted exactly two days before I took the polish remover to night warranted a more "conservative" mani. This pleased my husband-plenty. Here I want to show you how you can use a full nail design for your tips only. You don't have to purchase the fancy tip plates for a tip design. Plus, this way you can use any full design or design that is dense enough to cover the tip. You can try this same technique with any tip color & any stamp color. I'm using my NEW s9 image plate...THANK YOU KATHLEEN from!

What you'll need:
1. Tip color
2. Sheer pink for bottom 1/2 of nail
3. Silver polish for image designs
4. Glitter pen polish for smile line detail. i used silver here
5. Gems

Prep nails by base coating THE TIPS ONLY. you will have to clean off extra image from base over entire nail is not needed.
1. Paint tips free hand using a horizontal motion, inside edge to outside edge of nail. It doesn't have to be perfect, as you will wipe this clean on the smile with a flat brush dipped in acetone.
2. Apply stamp to tip of nails. Some of the image will cross the tip, and cover your bottom 1/2. OK you'll clean that next. :0)

3. Clean tip, remove overlapping image from bottom 1/2 of nail....make a nice arch @ smile. Don't work too hard, this too will be covered by the glitter polish later. Follow by painting the bottom 1/2 with a sheer blush pink color. I make mine. to make your own, start with a clear polish, dump some polish out, add a few drops @ a time of burgundy and an opaque peach/light tan. Mix, and add more till desired color is reached.
(below see a review of steps 1-4 on each nail)

5. After the pink sheer has dried, apply flower stamp to bottom 1/2 of nail. I used silver here.
6. Finally, add a little gem to the center of the flower....I did the thumb...but heck do them all, that would look cute too! After all you just spent a few minutes doing your nails...go crazy.
Some of you may be wondering if these mani's take a while....the only thing that makes the process longer is the drying time of base polishes.
So try some tip, & layered designs using the same process.


Adele said...

Absolutely gorgoeus - you tutorials are really exciting...because they are simply stunning! THank you so much again, and keep up the great work.


konADDICT said...

Thanks for following!

Lucy said...

That is amazing. You have beautiful nails. What do you use for a top coat?

konADDICT said...

well, i have short, thin nails they would chip the same day i polished them... i have used gel in the past but wasn't impresseed with the adhesion. And traditional gels don't soak of! But OPI has a new 'soak off gel" ( it's not a builder) so it works over natural nails, & is designed to be a cureable NAIL POLISH. its called AXXIUM. Ive been using it fir abour 5 weeks now. And it has protected my nails from breaking...& helps keep my polish on longer. There is a learning curve to it though.
so having the gel over my natural nail, makes all polishes come out smooth & shiney! bonus. I use seche vite on natural nails, & a cheapy on mine.

Anonymous said...

That is really pretty. Have you ever tried the konad french tip? I have such a hard time getting it straight.

thriszha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thriszha said...

i love this design so much.. specially the S9 ip & coraline kit 1.. its just so sad ip s9 & the kit is not available in konad Philippines... coz its only available in US... i also found a konad store in Dubai but also S9 & coraline kit 1 is not available.. i love the plate so much...& im looking for someone to swap some of my nail art items for this image plate...waaaaaaaa... im really lemming for this image plate..
REQUEST: can u make a design using S9 ip "japanese girl"

Revampy said...

Thank you so much for the sheer pink franken recipe. I am going to try it.

konADDICT said...

no problem....keep adding red drops till you achieve the right color. You will be surprised how "PINK" it will look in bottle. But because it is sheer, it will go on beautifully. make your nails look fresh.

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