Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lace Leopard Trim

This was ACTUALLY "the first" konadicure I took a photo of. My girlfriend came over one night to watch the Bachelorette, I begged her to let me do her nails. We laughed about how Keith-my hubby- has an aversion to crazy nail colors. So, as I selected the colors for my konadi...we both laughed. Laughed louder- no actually quiteER with each following selected color....the kind of laugh where your mouth is open, but nothing comes nostrils flair when I do this! (NOT prettyyyyy) But anyway- we laughed knowing Keith would think the colors were QUESTIONABLE!

Here it is! And as I promised Sweet Little Angel , I posted my version of this same image-that we BOTH independently decided to stamp on the diag! (click the link above to see her version) Great minds...right?
What you will need. One base color, an accent color, a color for the stamp & image plate m57.

The steps:
1. Paint Base coat. Here I used China Glaze in Watermelon Rind
2. Paint accent color on a diagonal...paint the line just as thick as the brush-not too wide! You want it to fit INSIDE the lace "track" Here I used Savvy in Deep Amethyst

3. Stamp image from plate m57 OVER the accent stripe. Run it over the stripe like a track? Does that make sense? It is easier to do than to explain!

Oh...don't forget the toes! here I used the same colors...just a different image.

For my toes, I used plate m50. I first paintedthe base coat. Then, I painted an X in the middle of each toe in the accent color. Stamp the butterfly over the X. I used the big butterfly one on the big toe, and the smaller butterfly on the other toes.


Zoe said...

Wow..Thanks for the it^^

konADDICT said...

your fast...i just posted this! I was actually in the middle of fixing my typos! better submit your entry...who doesn't ant FREE konad?!

chocaddict said...

that's another great idea ^^
I just received my new konad plates so I might be "stealing" this idea very soon ;)
thanks for your post

jollyo said...

Perfect as always!!!

Ive said...

This is very cute!!! I love the color combo!!!

Lucy said...

Love your fingers and toes! Really pretty combinations of color and Konad.

Violet LeBeaux said...

Cute! Those aren't colours that I would normally pick but the outcome is beautiful!

konADDICT said...'s not really "stealing" it's inswipred by...haha
Jollyo- always so complimentry
thanks Ive & lLucy!
Violet- totally agree, i did it more to antagonize my husband. My girlsfriend & I tried to pick the most obnoxious color combo....but i really ended up liking it?

mademoizell3 said...

I try to using konad too, newbie here :)

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