Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Konad "B" Kit Give Away Contest

How lucky are you?! Today is the official kick off of my Konad "B" Kit Give-Away Contest!
The contest starts today, and will continue for 2 weeks. If you are reading can enter to win (yes, even the BIG blog owners)! You have until Wednesday August 5th to enter. The winner will be randomly drawn "from a hat" and announced Friday August 7th right here! The winner will receive the full Konad "B" Kit compliments of Kathleen &
Contestant entry rules to follow......but first, let me show you what the lucky winner will get!

Image from Konad website.

The B Kit includes

* 4 Image Plates
* 3 Special Polishes (11 mL / 0.35 Fl.Oz)
* 1 Stamp
* 1 Scraper

Image Plates: M4, M8, M15, M21

Special Polish: White, Red, Green

Here is a closer look at the plates included. Here are some examples of Konadicures I have done with image plate m4So, this is how to enter to win:

1. Create a NEW POST ON YOUR OWN BLOG.Tell your readers a little bit about Konad Stamping Nail Art & what YOU like (or LOVE) about using it. If you don't have Konad or have never used Konad, then tell your readers why you want to try it! If possible, include a picture of a konadicure you have done.

2. Create a LINK TO MY BLOG.Introduce your readers to my new blog. How did you find my blog? What do you think about my blog? (I'll take the good & the "otherwise")

3. Comment at the bottom of this posting "this is my entry" (AFTER completing steps 1&2 ) so I know you have entered, and I can check out YOUR blog too!

4. Subscribe to my blog. If you are not already a follower, just click the "follow" link @ the top right of this page

If you do not have a blog then

FIRST) send me an email with your response to 1, & 2 (concerning my blog & what you think) ALONG WITH A PICTURE of a manicure/konadicure you have done. Ths means YOUR WORK, no stealing images! Really. Non-blog owners must include a picture (only 1 please) in your email to qualify. Be sure that you reference your "posting" nickname in your email so I know who you are (in the next step)

THEN) post a comment below " this is my non-blogger entry"....

FINALLY) Sunscribe to my blog. If you are not already a follower, just click the "follow" button @ the top right.

Your official entry IS your post below, whether you have a blogger or no-blogger entry. THIS is the list I will use for the make sure your name is on it....& and that you have either posted to your blog or emailed me.

Good luck...& enjoy reading my blog in the meantime. Hey, you may even "become an addict" see link on right to become a follower.


Natalie said...

This is a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!

Here is my entry:

*~kAy~* said...


This is my entry:

Jabelchen said...

My entry about Stamping and I did a stamping tutorial, your blog ist in the list of the imported links

Julie said...

This is my non-blogger entry!!

This is a great giveaway!!

Good luck to all that enter!!


manana said...

Hi! Great contest and what a fantastic giveaway! I just had to enter:

Ive said...

My name is Ive and this is my non blogger entry.!
Thank you for this great and easy contest! Good luck to everyone!!!!!

BlueBerryBlossom said...

Non-blogger entry! Good luck everyone! Cant wait to see who wins and there results!

paintedladyfingers said...

As promised, I did a special entry for your contest. I hope you enjoy it. I also put your link on my blogger's list too.

June said...

This is my non blogger entry!

My "nickname" is June.

Hope I'll be the lucky one to be picked out of your hat. :D

Ricki said...

Hey it's Ricki thanks for a great giveaway hope I win!

Anonymous said...

This is my non-blogger entry!!!

I Love Konad, it rocks!!!!

xXx Irina xXx

NailsIt said...


This is my non-blogger entry. Thank you for your generosity :) I love Konad and I think it's fantastic that you have a Konad blog :)

Blog on!

Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Check it out! I have pics too.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

hello i posted my your giveaway to my blog hehe this is very nice i just bought my konad yesterday wee..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

What a nice giveaway!

I posted it HERE

i found your blog thru
Shobe's blog

This is MY BLOG

Anonymous said...

This is my entry


mia said...

This is fun...I am new follower

This is my entry:

chocaddict said...

It's a great giveaway, thanks so much for oragnizing this :)

This is my entry:

Beatriz said...

I am so excited about this!!
As I've said before, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
This is my entry:

click here!!

gracie said...

Hi! Sorry for some interruptions on that!

here's my entry:

hope its now qualified ^_^

Sherry said...

sorry just now wrong link

I have added detail in post


Anonymous said...

I luv this giveaway .. super thank you!

here's the link..

KONADDICT giveaway

CherieKoala said...

Hi there!~

This is my entry for this contest:

By the way, August 7 is my birthday, hope that day will be my lucky day to win this contest. Hehe...

chupa said...

this is my entry:

Janice said...

What a great giveaway!

Here is my entry:


Prissy Hood Chick said...

This is my entry

If you like my blog, feel free to become a folllower

Charming nails: said...


this is my entry:

Eve-ning said...


Here is my entry:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Here's my entry!

Kitty said...

Hi, this is my non-blogger entry.

Thanks for doing this!

sweetlullaby said...

this is my non-blogger entry,
my nickname is sweetlullaby

celene said...

This is my non-blogger entry

Thanks alot!!!

(hope itdoesn't matter, but I sent you my entry via email, with a different account, it's "celene4ever.......)

konADDICT said...

sweet lullaby...did i get an email from you? i cant find it...dont know any other way to contact you.

konADDICT said...

Belly, ramen..... Oops I need a photo of a manicure YOU HAVE DONE. As well as how you found website, what you think of it & konad, blah blah blah flah flah flah

all non-bloggers should either add an email to thier posting profile, or when posting, let m eknow your email name(you dont have to include adress, just first 1/2 ) so i recognize your entry & email together.

April and Ashley said...

Here is our entry!

louise13 said...

This is my entry!!!!
Here is my site

Love your site great way to show how the konad works


Annabelle said...

This is my non-blogger entry. I hope find out who wins soon!!!

Luck to all,

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