Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Tip...Full Nail Design

Here is one of my favorite french mani's. These nails are my mother-in-laws. I love this mani because it is so different from others I have done in the past. I designed this one as one of the entries for the contest. I wanted to use several plates & techniques. I had also seen on another website, the "accent nail" idea (that's not really what it was called, but what shall we call it?) so love the ring finger being the whole nail, rather than just tips. This tip design is created the same way as the posting below. The only difference in steps is that instead of sing a glitter pen on the smile, I use a stamp to finish the smile line.
I really like doing this, because it can cover a less than perfect smile. So, as the mani before, the main steps are:
base coat on tips
color tips (and full accent nail)
stamp over color
clean tip smile
apply blush to bottom 1/2 of french
stamp lower nail design
stamp smile line

So here are the plates I used. Of course, you can use the plates you have. If you don't have a full nail design, use one that can be duplicates to cover full nail and tip.
I used plates m25, m36,m57. I really like the m36 curly arch like design, it works great on the smile line. There are a few others I recommend too, ill post them separate.

Because I already took photos of these LONG before the birth of my blog, I don't have a step by step photo story. So, here I numbered the steps on the nail and below are the corresponding plate images.
Hope it's understandable.
1. Paint tips & accent nail. Cover with full nail stamp m57. On tips, use 1/2 of the image. ( if you work FAST you can use 1/2 on tip, then RUSH to the next tip & use the other 1/2). Cover entire "accent nail."
2. Clean smile line and polish bottom 1/2 of nail with a clear blush (see previous post on how to make your own)
3. Stamp flowers from plate m25 on lower 1/2 of nail.
4. Use m36 to stamp over smile line. It is easier if you line up, then roll from one side to the other while peeking to make sure your lined up. It takes practice, so do that a few times before attempting this mani. Sucks to spend all that drying time to muff it up on on stamp!
5. Apply butterfly from plate m25 to the accent nail.
6. Finish nail with a black nail pen, dotting centers of flowers. I like using the same color as the smile design because I think it ties the colors together. Don't forget to finish with a clear coat! (careful not to smear your hard work!)
Try this mani and let me know how it goes. If you have any them, I'm happy to help....because I'm SUCH a Konaddict!


Adele said...

Wow wow wow!!
Would you mind sharing the green polish name please - it is a gorgeous shade for this look.
I'm so looking forward to playing with these ideas. :)

konADDICT said...

Yeah sure, its a cheapy...N.Y.C. #118A, Big Money Frost. It actualy works for such a funky color! Truth be told, i usually WEAR more subtle colors, but my mother-in-law is pretty i do the FUN stuff on her long nails!
Find NYC @ CVS or WALMART, yup...good old cheapy!

Adele said...

Thank you! I'm in Ireland but can probably find it online (ebay)

I used to wear subtle but I'm enjoying branching out into more fun colours lately...I love when people comment! :) x

Lucy said...

This is so beautiful! I like your Mother-in-laws style with the whimsical polish.

chocaddict said...

OMG! I just discovered your blog and it is SO inspirational. I am far (very very far) from being good at "konading" but your pictures really make me want to get better at it.
I love this design and how you played with the colors! Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

konADDICT said...

thanks all. kind words :0)

Hellokitty91 said...

This design is amazing! Its my new favorite konadicure I've ever seen good work!

Olmi said...

You have a lovely blog and I just looove this konadicure! I'm gonna try this "accent nail" thingie myself asap! :)

konADDICT said...

thanks hellokitty & olmi...Olmi, please send me pics...i love to see!

Olmi said...

You can see the result in my blog. (Of course, I gave you credit for the design! :D)

I'm sorry, it's in Finnish only. For now, at least.

Beppy said...

hey, did you use the green nail polish to stamp??? thxx. ♥

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Saori said...

Wouah wouha wouha, I discover your blog and what you do it's completely amazing for me !!!! You are a konad master lol.
I whish you an happy new year.

Chelsea said...

ur nails look so good. i can never get the design to stick to my stamper any suggestions

konADDICT said...

Thanks chelsea & Saori.

Chealsea- make sure you are using PURE the generic looking bottle. Not a fancy girly shaped bottle that says Acetone Remover. you need %100 pure Acetone girl! use it to clean your nail beds, stamper, scraper, and plate.

let me know how it works

MuYuanQing said...

this is the most elegant design i've seen! btw, how do put the blusher on without contaminating the tip? thanks!

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