Thursday, July 16, 2009

Basic Blue Rocks!

Ladies you can do this! Pick your favorite color of polish....& Konadicure it. A tip for images that POP is to pick colors and finishes that contrast, your design will appear more sharp. This Konadicure is done with just a simple stamp..embellished on the thumb with crystals. here's how to do it.
You will need a base color, (I used Claire's.. no color name!) white konad SP. & image plate m4.
1. Apply base coat and color.
2. Stamp flower image from m4 on all fingers. & finish with crystals.
See, not too hard! Again the overall look will be different based on your color choices. I usually try to do konadicures where the image stands out. But, recently I have contemplated trying designs where the design doesn't contrast as much...making more of a watermark design. Look for future postings with this technique.


chocaddict said...

I like that color, it reminds me of China Glaze For Audrey, it looks lovely with the delicate white flowers. Very pretty mani.

Lucy said...

That is simple and sweet looking. Thanks for an easy one.

Solveig said...

Isn't this the cutest! :D

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