Sunday, July 26, 2009

FREE Konad B Kit! Enter to Win it HERE!

So, last week I posted A contest for the Konad B Kit Collection. I'm thinking my post got burried by all the other blogs post you subscribe to? But I really wanted you to know about I thought I would do another post to tag your reading list. CLICK HERE for full details & to ENTER TO WIN

As you can see, the B kit is pretty awesome. It would be a great starter kit for those of you who don't already have Konad, and a super addition to your current collection if you already have Konad.

Anyone can enter! Just follow the simple steps....& goodluck!

BTW...this SHOULD go with out saying-but sadly not so: Only ONE entry per person....& non-bloggers, USE YOUR OWN IMAGES! It's really uncool of you to STEAL someone elses work. Really?...REALLY!

Oh yeah, & your entry won't count I will delete it :0)

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