Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Basic Layered Design...That Looks Anthying BUT Basic!

Here is a mani I did a while back. I think it is the second one i took a photo of....I was quite proud of it & decided I should take a picture before all my hard work chipped off! O.K. it may look complicated, does it? Well it's pretty easy, if you can do one stamp...why cant you do a second stamp?
You will need a base coat and gold & black polishes for the Konadding.
1. Apply your base coat, I used Orly Minds Eye for this mani
2. Using gold, stamp the fancy scalloped design on m57 along the bottom of nail, close to the cuticle. When I saw this design, I felt a little left out. My nails are so short, I thought it wouldn't work at the tips, but here's a great alternative!
3. On your thumb, use the butterfly on m25. It looks good centered on small nails because it covers a pretty big area.
4. then for nails 2-4, use the larger butterfly on m36. I stamped it on at an angle on the outside of each tip. This butterfly is too big for my pinkie, so I decided to use just the mini butterfly for the pinkie.

to pick up only one butterfly at a time, just paint that image on the plate, & scrape AWAY from the other butterfly. If you accidentally pick up some of another image, wipe it off the stamp before transferring to nail.

In 4 steps, your done with a layered konadicure. Very fancy...and easy...shhhh, no one will ever know!


chocaddict said...

Yet another beautiful mani and you are right it looks quite elaborate but you make it sound so easy to do!

I have a question: do you use only konad sp polishes or do you sometimes use other polish brands to stamp your nails?

Mary said...

That's beautiful! The gold really stands out against your base color. I love all of your detailed instructions, very helpful :)

Violet LeBeaux said...

Very cute! Nice colours and a nice finish :D Btw I am totally loving your blog!

Kae said...

I like this, looks beautiful!

Wan said...

What a beautiful design! I love it! : )

konADDICT said...

Chocaddict- actually I do use Konad for the white and most other colors....however, I've tried others for black silver & gold. The thick ( as in opaque, and saturated color, notglossy) work well. i have found that the skinny nal art bottles work well aslo, only black & metalics. Just found a walmart brand I.C.E in silver and a really cool metalic lavender/pink....it works GREAT! The next konadicure might feature it/! for a very complete list of tested polished compatable with Konad....see sassy's blog. i have it listed to the right.

Solveig said...

Wow, your konadicures are beautiful! And your blog is so informative. I added it to my blog roll. :)

Lucy said...

Love this Konadicure. Pretty designs and colors. This looks so complicated but your instruction make it seem easy.

chocaddict said...

thanks for your advice :o)
i was wondering what polish you used because the designs you stamp look so "sharp"

sweet_little_angel said...

Hey! Love your konadicures!

Regarding the picture taking of the image plates, I took it at an angle and zooming in on the image plates. For all of the image plates I have (except m19) I used my brother's Nikon SLR camera (very high-tech and such) and it's awesome to get tiny details without having to be so close to the object.

For the m19 I just took it at an angle, and used the MACRO setting (I now use a regular digital camera), I find that the Macro setting sort of zooms in on the item and makes it look bigger, And I just adjusted the angles until the camera doesn't show up on the plate.

Hope that helps! =)

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