Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Swarovski Foil Ombre

Swarovski & Foil Ombré. Love these nails, because you still get the clear nail tips, but the crystals and the ombre cover your nail beds!
So, each nail set I create always has a base gel, gel polish or regular polish, then gel top coat.  If i have used regular polish, I add 2 base gel coats to add extra strength to the nail.

This set has Unicorn Chrome over the lavender nail and the crystal ombre nail.  The other accent nails I have used a multi color foil, over a teal polish color.
I really had fun creating these nails....the styling took a little longer than i thought, because instead of just riffing... I was trying to create a set using SPECIFIC materials.  Sometimes designing around the materials is more difficult.  I like to use JUST ONE concept, color, or product as my inspiration...it seems more natural to me and takes less time to arrive to the final design.  But its also nice to set up design challenges for ourselves, so we can push past our comfort zone.  For me, these push the limits of what I might wear on a daily basis... but I do LOVE them and would probably just stare at my hands all day long!


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