Thursday, December 31, 2009

Black Tie Celebration Nails...Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years Eve  fellow Konaddicts!  I love this tuxedo inspired new years konadicure!  But it's late,  I must crash out
Hoping tomorrow I will have time to upload the tutorial.
Till then... stay tuned!

Oh, and how cute are the champagne glasses.  Wouldn't be a celebration with out bubbly!
Can you see the other nail with 2010....well there is also an engagement ring there, I'll share the full story later, gotta get some winks in!

Heres What you will need

Konad Image plates m71, m59, m38, konad Special polish in white and black, a silver color for the tips, here i used ICE brand (walmart), and a sheere blush color for the tips.

Here are the steps  to this Konadicure:
1. Paint sheer
2. Stamp the m71 ruffle 2 times vertically down the center of each nail.
3. Paint the tips Silver
4. Stamp tie in Konad SP black on the center of each nail at the smile line.
 Finally, Add bling buttons to the center of each tuxedo.  And stamp wine & bubbles on your black accent nail.

I created an engagement ring because my girlfriend was going to ha surprise engagement party for her soon to be sister in law.  So, it was a little inside joke.


Anonymous said...

super the ruffles!

Trincess said...

I love this manicure! I think it's absolutely brilliant! I just couldn't comment last week...

Jessica Leigh said...

This is sooo cute! Very creative. Well done!

Shaima812 said...

Look so perfect
i really love this one

Anonymous said...

I love this!
Do you use glue on nails?
If so what kind, and what glue!
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

This one is great! Can't wait to adapt it to my style :)

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