Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Phew...just in time...wanted to make sure I got all entires that went to spam...and the last ones up until 2/14.  And the lucky winner ( is

Scorpio1312 !

So, email if you are reading this.  Hope to hear from you by Feb. 20th...
Congrats, and thank you to all of you who entered, loved hearing about the konad wish list, and what you currently have.
For those of you who don't know, in January I started up a new business, and I am selling Konad products.
I am so excited to hear what plates every one likes, has, craves!
Thanks again for following my blog, your readership means a lot to me.

I look forward to hosting more Give-aways for my lovely readers!

Till your next fix......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Nails

Hi fellow Konaddicts!  It has been a little bit since I have been able to blog a design of mine.  I actually did these a couple weeks ago and thought they would be perrfect for today.  I wanted to try to make time to squeeze them in before the close of the day... sorry not a more detailed tutorial.  Forgot to take pics of the polishes. 
These are the steps, just paint the base coat then sponge off the tips of the second coat.  I added a gold stamp from one of the new plates... m81

wish i could blog to go to bed for now.  But tomorrow on my mac (I'm on my Dino laptop) I have some pics my sister did of her mardi gras nails...very cool- also using a new plate.

 and the polishes she used.  You can see she used the greenish color and the plum color on the full nail plate.  makes it look like 2 separate color applications, but it's done in one step!  Great with this nail plate because of the separation betwen the designs.  Great job "Proud Sissy"

Contest Is Over.....

The contest is over, thank you all for your entires, I appreciated hearing about your collections and which plates you most liked or wanted.  I recieved over 100 entries...Yay!  I will finish going through the last of the enries, and draw this evening.  Hope to post the winner tomorrow!  Hope you all had a wondrful long weekend (man we sure did...sleepy eyes still recovering).

Till your next fix  (tonigh ill post some really cool Mardi Gras Nails)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guest blogger, "Proud Sissy"

My sister, shari...also known as "proud Sissy" is hooked on konad too!  She too bought the pro-Salon kit and created these UBER DARLING nails.  Shari is a scraper as well (much more efficient and talented than myself!), so it is no surprise she is very gifted and creative with her nail designs.  I know you will all just LOVE the valentine inspired nails.  She used all Konad image plates, the plate with the zodiac signs had the cupid!  sooooo smart!


and a close up up that thumb
these nails are sooo cute and sooo perfect for valentines...I dare you to konadiclone these or a version inspired by these.  I lover her full accent nail, and the use of the red under her leopard lace.  Such a great design, I'm jealous I didn't think of it my self!

BUT WAIT there's more!  Shari isn't so fond of these next ones, but I LOVE them.  They LOOk like a brocade fabric.  She really did a great job pulling from the original inspiration.  

her inspiration....

Great job Shari-or "proud Sissy".  You make ME proud...and for more than just the nails! 
 Love ya sissy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild Cat- Konad Plate m78

Konaddicts....I have been going through blogging withdrawls!  My new Mac has been giving me trouble.  I tried installing the new Windows 7, and have had all kinds of trouble with it!!! loooong story-but your here for konadicures!
Its been too long, & i have so many konadicures to blog.
Konad plate m78 is pretty cool.  The animal print combines the zebra/tiger print with a leopard print, so it makes it a great match with the leopard print on m57.
Here is what you will need to konadiclone this.
I forgot to photo the bronze color I painted over the yellow.
I used konad plates m78 & m57,  Konad special polish black  and white. I also used china glaze, and a petit polish in a bronze.

Create this Konadicure in these steps:
1) Paint base color and let dry
2) paint second color and sponge off on the tips.

I read about this technique here

3) Apply animal print from m78 to all fingers, except the ring finger. 
4) Stamp your ring finger with the full leopard image from m57 and accent it with the butterflies in white.

Hope you enjoy the design and a peek at konad plate m78.
'til your next fix....

Valentines Vomit

Thanks for issues!

Yup....pretty much what it sounds like.  Like someone vomited hearts and pink things all  over my nails!  really no tutorial, just do it!

special polishes in : right grey, white, pastel pink, cool red                           

m3, m6, m35, m73, m59, m72               

Crystal Caviar Cuticles

Working with Caviar beads is a little challenging.  You need enough gel under them to help them stick, but not so much that they drown and ...