Tuesday, January 26, 2010

m79 & m80 (New Konad Plate) Valentine Nails

Konaddicts! I have another swatch of the new plates Konad is coming out with...
I lovethe new polka dot FUUL NAIL design plate.  The other 2 polka dot designs I think can be either too far apart or too close.
Here's what you need

Konad plates m79 & m80.  Konad princess polish, sheerblush polish. and any white for the tips.
 The Tutorial
1) paint blush color oer nail
2) Apply polka dots over full nail

3) paint tips white or stamp french tips with konad m19 .  I just did free hand
4) apply the red hearts tip image over the white.
super cute, super fast, super new design!

untill next your next fix................                        

Monday, January 25, 2010

Konad Plates m76 & m79- Barbie Girl

Yes....OMG I do have actual swatches of the NEW KONAD PLATES.  A girl friend loaned them to me so I could swatch them for you.  These plates are not out yet (in the USA) ..... they are due out in late Feb.....MAYBE?  But we were lucky enough to get our hands on these....  hope you enjoy the swatches!  Ill try to post one a day this week!
What you will need

Konad plates m76 & m79, Konad Special polish in black, and a base color.  (my bottle didnt have a name)
Here is how to create this darling...yet easy look

1) paint your base color
2) Stamp m76 flowers on all nails but the accent nail.  Follow with m79 on the accent nail.

I hope you enjoyed an exclusive look and one of the new konad plates coming out.  Check back tomorrow for another!  These new plates are GREAT!!!

Untill your next fix.........

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kattie Kiddie

Hey,Fellow Konaddicts!  Wanted to post a cute konadicure i did on Alex.  Thisis a fast post....going to San Diego for the night- Girls Night Out.  I have to catch a train in 2 hours...and havent even done my nails or packed!

and here is a few of the other fingers showing the opposite hand in reverse.

heres what you will need
Koand Special polish in black. pure ice in silver, and a base color. Konad image plates m57 and optional m19 for the strip.

here is how to do this super easy design
1) paint base color
2) using konad image plate m19, stamp a strip in the middle of the nail.  you could free hand it too.  but it dries instantly with m19...so you dont have to wait for drying time!

3)stamp leopard lace over the strip, so it is between the lace borders
4) paint the other hand in the revese fashion.

have fun.

untill the next fix...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taxi Konadiclone!

Hey, fellow Konaddicts...today I am bringing you a very cleaver nail design.  NOT MINE though.  It's a total konadiclone i stole the idea from the Daily Nail.

After spending time in the city, surrounded by taxies, I was inspired to do something to commemorate the trip.  I remembered an adorable nail idea from the Daily Nail Blog and decided to run with it.  I hope if she happenes across this post she is flattered!

These nails differ a little.  I used the tip plate design at the middle of the nail.  I also wanted to print out Taxi Cab (too bad it smeared before I took a pic)and do an accent nail full of numbers. You know How I love that accent nail!

Originally I did these with out the silver stripe....but in the end, I couldnt leave well enough alone.  Thought it reminded me of the bumper on an old taxi cab.

Here's what you will need:

A yellow base color, white polish, Konad Special polish in black, and some cuticle oil is always nice.  makes your nails look moisturized!

Here is how to create these nails:

1) paint base color
2)paint a white curved strpe in the middle of most nails, and the tips of your thumbs.

3) Stamp the check pattern over the white stripe.

4) Print TAXI on the thumb and stamp numbers on the accent nail.
Finally, finish with using a stripe polish in silver to freehand the silver borders on each check pattern.

Hope you all love this darling design, inspired by another very talented blogger and nail artist.

Untill your next fix...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Graduated Color- Mixing on the Plate

Hope you fellow Konaddicts had a fantastic weekend!   I did- it was wet, but fun.
So, here is a technique I have yet to do a tutorial on.  It creates a graduated color stamp by mixing 2 polishes on the plate.

Too bad I couldn't capture the graduated color better.  But see how the color moves from grayish purple to aqua?  Here, let me show you how to do it.

First, here is what you will need.

A dark base color, Konad prncess polishes in Light Gray, and Pop Green, and Konad image plate 63.

Here is how you create this Konadicure, step by step.  The color graduate will follow.

1) paint your base color
2) Mix your two colors on the Konad plate, and stamp the image over each nail.

To mix a graduated color on the konad plate:
paint two colors on the plate...NOT ON THE IMAGE-BUT OFF TO THE SIDE OF IT, ON THE PLATE.
Usea dotting wand to mix the colors IN THE MIDDLE  so you create a blend in the middle.  Now when you preform the scrape, the result will be a graduated color- from one color to the next.
So, try this on your next Konadicure, and tell me how it worked out.

I personally love doing this on the full plate patterns.  The leopard and fishnet look great!

Untill your next fix.....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Swirly French Tips.

I am leaving for a weekend trip to San Fransisco ( had so much fun there in October!)  This time I'm taking the hubbs.

But I had to do a real conservative mani, here it is real quick....cuz i need to pack!

 Here is the VERY cool plate I finally used for the first time.  It is a new FAVE!

I wish I had time to do the VERY SIMPLE tutorial...or at the very least take a pic with something OTHER than my iphone!  But here it is, Have a wonderful weekend!

'till your next fix.....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Win an ALL NEW RUBY KIT by konad!!! (closes 2-14-2010)

As a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all my readers I want to host a give away. I would love to give one of you that new Ruby Kit Konad had just come out with. It's pretty amazing, and any one would be lucky to win it!

Here are the imageplates included.

This contest is totally easy too! Here are the rules :

1. This contest is only open to members of my blog.  To become a member of my blog, simply click the "follow me button" to the right.
2. Send me an email contaning all these elements
                     a) your member profile name
                     b) make sure you have your return email listed
                     c) city and country you follow from
3. Flip through my old posts, and find a konadicure you like most, or would most like to konadiclone.  Include the name and date of this posting
4.  Tell me   a) what plate you own.....&  b) which plate you wish to own.

That's it!   
Tell me watch you got- what you want- and what you like.

email the above info to

Contest closes on Feb. 14, 2010.  Hope you feel the love!

This Conest Is Closed Now...Thanks for Your Entires

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost there......300 Followers Celebration

Thanks Fellow Konaddicts for following and reading!

I am going to host a give away for my followers to thank them for reading and giving me such wonderful feed back. I'll announce the give away when i hit 300!

'till next fix

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green Envy

My fellow Konaddicts...hope the first week of the new year has been good to you.  I've been busy with a new little venture of my own.  But i have been going through blog withdrawl!
 Been a little while since i did these, but looking backk at them, I really like the Konadicure & colors. I hope you do too.

So here is what you will need to create this Konadicure.

You will need konad image plates m34, m44, mCO2.  You will also need Konad special polish in black, and a konad compatable color in gold.  I used a sheer blush color over the antire nail , and green for the tips.

Here is the step by step tutorial.

1. Paint the sheer color over full nail.
2. Paint your tips with the green, you can free hand this part because the design on konad plate m44 will cover any wiggly lines. (gotta love that)

3. Stamp m44 over tips, lining up the bottom stripe with your smile line.
4. Stamp stars in gold over all fingers, including accent nail.  Then follow with the cat from CO2 on the accent nail.

An there it is!  Of course always prep with a base coat, and follow with a top coat.  Substitute your favorite colors for any I have chosen.
I think you will really like konad image plate m44. 
Use m44 on your daughters  kiddie konadi.  It works perfectly for doing a french tip on thier  tiny fingers!

Thnks for reading...till your next fix,

Saturday, January 2, 2010

POP! Champagne....the Celebration Continues

Real quick post...loved so much i had to post even before i photo edited all cutesie! (or completed the black tie tutorial!!!! (I resolve to finish this tomorrow!)

Thanks fellow Konaddicts!

and a close up of the thumb before the POP got distorted...

NIght... another late night posting.

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