Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My American Konadi

Fellow Konaddicts.....
So after the first few fails, here are the 4th of July Konadi nails I sported.  If you read the previous 3'll see what the delay in posting was.

I wanted to create both a konadicure that was simple on the one hand, and something remenicent of a waving flag on the other.... So I did each hand different!
Not sure if you can tell, bit with the bottom pic, I just basically used the same thumb from my marble flub and redid the other fingers.  then I remembered I wanted to do a plain mani that most people could do: red nails with a few blue and white stars.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, we sure did...went to the Angels ball game, and saw fire works afterward.

An adMARBLE attempt

I'm am calling this my "admarble" attempt...haha get it?  Yes, I attempted a water marble for my fourth of July konadicure.  i wanted to create a waving flag.  Well, big FAIL.  Never water marbled before, there MUST be a trick to it that I didn't hear because these are a disaster.

My white was too thick, so I used a clear coat when alternating inbetween the red and "white."
  I started with a white base coat.  And my ignorance..or was it cockyness caused me to forgo the step where you tape up your nails...big mistake.

Below are pics of the first run, I removed it, taped the second time, and still ended up with a sad konadi ;(

soooo, needless to say, THOSE were NOT my 4th of July mani!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post vacation a Nails...not pretty!

This Is a frightening post my fellow konaddicts...
THIS is what my nails looked like AFTER vacation.  Keep in mind, I had broken off both thumbs ( of my world cup mani) before leaving, never fixed them before leaving...didn't do a fill either. It was bananas here with the pre-packing saga.
how do you like that painful break in the ring finger? YIIIIKES!

the pther hand is equally jacked! (I'm a picker- so I added to the trouble with my pinky)

I decided to rip them off and start all over- no extensions.  I put fresh gel over them and formed out a couple of the nail tips.  But generally speking, I wanted to keep them short because we will be doing alot of moving stuff aroung during the construction that is about to happen in the house.

I use Young Nail gel products.  I do not use the soak off formulas anymore.  I do them myself.  On occasion, when I am out of time or motivationi'll cheat and have them done.  That's what happened before the trip.  I had acrylic put on....eeeewwww.  It yellowed and the tips lifted. Just a mess.  That is why I ripped them off and started fresh.  I think the gel has a cleaner look.  I used to do acrylic, and forgot how they wear.  There really is a difference (on my nails) with how they feel and wear.

So there you are, I have a new pallet for painting (even though they are short!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be back soon.....from the "windy city"

Hello fellow konaddicts, I'm here on vacation in Chicago IL. Still sporting the world cup nails...minus the thumbs- broke BOTH off while installing a sunscreen shade fabric on my patio cover. Anyhow, I hoped to blog before leaving, but I had a hot water pipe explode in between one of our walls (the day before leaving) I had to deal with that before going.

I will fix my nails and blog when in return, just in time for the 1st of July...I love 4th of July inspired nails!!!
Share with you then

Till your next fix,

P.s. I'd post pics, but I'm blogging from the hubs iPad.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Nails

Hello Konaddicts,
I am not actually "in the know" when it comes to soccer, but my husband is.  So, I have seen a bit of World Cup here on the TV.  I felt inspired to do something for the occasion.

How to create it.  (sorry I forgot to create a supplies list pics, but the plate numbers are listed below in the tag)

Ill be brief tonight, its late, and I want to catch up with the hubbs.
You will need Konad special polishes red, white, blue, & black.  Konad image plates m3, m45,m49,m52,m56 or you can use m52 with just the soccer image.
1) paint accent nails and tips, let dry.
 2) Stamp in white to act as a guide of where to paint the white dot, I wanted a 2 toned image.  After, I stamped over it in the 2nd color, black 
3) continue stamping the remaining soccerballs
4) stamp black check over tips, and use stars or "world cup" text here and there!
Thanks for reading.....  Till your next fix.....            

Monday, May 24, 2010

Double you Image Plates-NOW- FREE!!!

 I'm so excited to show you fellow Konaddicts what I mean!  I discovered this a little while back, (about a month ago... on my girlfriend)  and showed the lovely Esther @ Konad USA.  We laughed at  how funny it was that no one came up with this idea sooner!
Its pretty basic...ready for it?
You will need: 1 image plate, one special polish, 2 stampers, and one scraper.
So basically you need to work quickly with fresh Konad Special Polish, if it is too thick, it may dry to fast before you can transfer it in the 3 steps it takes. start with the usual paint and scrape technique, then.....
1)pick up the image with your one of your stampers
2) instead of transfering it to your nail, transfer it to ANOTHER STAMPER,
3) then roll the image onto your nail.
You now have a reverse image of the original!
This works great on images that are one sided, if you want to create a mirror on your opposite hand.  
You are sooooo welcome!
If you don't already have a second stamper,  You can stop by my shop and order one.  And if you do....better get stamping ! And please, post it to your blog, or email me pics!!!  Feel free to link back to this post for step by step tutorial.
here are some examples of images that would work well (note: the left images are the reverse and then i just did a regular pick up on the right side so you can see how great the reverse looks- I didn't have time to do a bunch of mani's)

My Life has gone to the dogs!

Fellow Konaddicts,
It has been so long since I have logged on, I almost forgot my id and pass word!  Afetr an email I recieved from Evil Angel about an unrelated topic...I finally motivated myself to cut through the "stuff" and just get to it!
I have many excuses/reasons why I have been away....none as darling as what will follow and what inspired this Konadicure.
 Meet Fergus & Valen"Tino"

Alex, My Oldest Daughter had a pretty sever and unexplained dog phobia (thats how we could best descibe it.)  For 2 years I have tried to help her get over this fear in many ways including viting neighborhood dogs, frequent trips to PetSmart, weekly dog books from the name it-for 2years!  Well, her anxiety grew, and spread to cats, and bunnies.  We were not typically "dog" people.  I joked that I didn't want more poop and hair to clean up after than the two girls I already had! But, it became clear that "full immersion", so to speak, was the only way to cure her.  Well, it worked! For the last 2 months Alex has grown so confident and secure around Fergus AND EVEN OTHER DOGS! BIG DOGS!  Fergus is her hero!  An impulse buy this weekend led us to another Mini Schnauzer.  Charlie (my youngest daughter) wanted him so bad, & I loved his demeanor...thought Cesar Milan would approve of him.  So, now we have two- and they entertain not just us, but each other as well!
On to the konadicure....
I was trying to copy Fergus's parti coat with the patches.

Here are the supplies you'll need:
Konad Special polishes in black, light gray, and brown, Konad image plates m61 & m10, stamper scraper, white polish for your tips..any brand, and a top coat.  I used Konad, but you can use what ever you prefer.
and here are the steps:
Here is a closer look and more detailed instructions on how to create the color blend on the patches I did.
1) polish dots of color OFF TO THE SIDE of the image
2) use a toothpic or dotting tool to swirl the colors to get a little blend
3) crape, you will see how the color graduates and is blended in some parts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this LONG OVERDUE post.
As promised (in an email)....later today I will post a SPECIAL on how t odouble your existing images collection....FREE. will revolutionize your koand kits!  So, stay tuned!  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Psych Zebra!

I'm a little late on the Wednessday post...hope I still get some love!

My fellow Konaddicts, i feel as though I have "fallen off the wagon" so to speak.  I miss blogging and having my nails pimped out in a fantastic konadicure!

 Here is a super fun zebra nail tip.  It is so fast and better try it!  Change the colors if you wish.  I think Im for this non-traditional look though, because it is still wearable!
I think the tips are a little high, could have covered the smile line better-as my nail is showing through. 

Here is the basic supplies to create the look:


Sally Girl mini polish in "pea-body", Konad image plate m69, konad princess polish in psych pink, Konad top coat, and of course a stamper scraper.

Follow these steps to konadiclone this look:
1) Paint tips.  I do this free hand, but for shorter nails you can use Konad image plate m19 for tips that dry almost waiting before applying the zebra tips.
2) use the LONG side of the image on plate m69 to "hug" your smile line right over the green....if you slightly arch the stap when you roll it, it will make a nice C on the smile rather than a sraight across tip.
I hope to do videos of this soon.  ( be patient though, still learning hoe wo edit video)
3) cover and protect with Konad clear top coat.

so go do your own funky zebra!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poor Unlucky Irish Bastard!

Yeah...See what I mean?!
Hello My fellow Konaddicts!  How to like that for the luck O' the Irish!?  Polished up my pretties, forgot to photo them before we gutted the garage of the old cabinetry.  Sadly-my nail was a casualty or the garage remodel, and we are't even close to being done.

Wish I could take credit for the "kiss me" I'm irish idea- BUT I CAN"T.  My sister did a manicure and told me about it.  So I kloned it.  I have her Konadicure below, you will see how funny it is that ours are so different!
Lets just tuck that nasty broken one away, shall we?  Try to envision the a complete set of painted digits.


Anyhow, here is what you would need for this Konadicure

Pretty straight forward.
A Black base color, Konad image plates m4, m22, and m56.  Konad Princess Polish in Apple Green

Simply paint your base color, stamp the tips, and the extra clovers here and there.  Pretty basic right?

Let's have a look at the uber darling Irish Konadi my sis is sporting.

How dainty is that!?  Yes, I agree- very cute indeed!  And VERY wearable I might add.

Here's what you'll need.

Konad image plates m4, m22, m37, & m80.  Konad Princess Polish in Apple green, Konad Special Polish in White, and A Konad top coat for good measure;)

Do it like this...

And don't forget the Irish!


So....get a little green this St Patty's Day!

Good luck! (hope you don't end up with an unlucky little stubby like mine!)

'till your next fix...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fraudulent Marble!!!

Hello my fellow konaddicts!  Here is a quick post with what I am calling a "fraudulent marbling" design. Well I though this looked a little bit like marbeling, So that's where it got the name.

Here is what you will need.

Konad plate m78, Konad Special Polish Dark Purple and 2 different base colors.  I used a red and yellow- both from China Glaze.

The steps are pretty basic:
1. Pain base color
2. Paint a stripe on the second color down the middle of your finger, then sponge  it in.
3.Stamp image over full nail using the Konad SP in Dark Purple
the ending result...

I hope you all love the new Konadicure.  Try it yourself.
(here comes what will soon be the norm) a proud plug to my new website

'Till your next fix...

My New Website!

Oh how I have missed doing my nails and blogging for fun!!!! 
Hello my fellow konaddicts!  I have truely missed sahring with you.  I have a good excuse though...and here it is!
  I have been building my website for store front customers.  Some of you may know that in January I got my resalelicence and begun my new business selling konad. I needed to have a vertual catalog for customers who may want to look up products once they have left the salon.

So, pop in check it out.  It is a great source for getting all your image plate idas in one place.  Also, you can print out the image plate page and then cut out each plate image to file in you clear page holders-if this is the method you use for storing your image plates!

I love feed back on ways to make the site user friendly!  youcan enter the contact page and fill out the form with your suggestions!
Thanks for reading, AND your patience.
'till your next fix...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

long time no blog!

Soooooo Sooooo Sorry I have been MIA again!  I really have been so busy with a couple BIG projects, I have neglected ost things around here...including my nails!  i want to give a sneak peek at what i hope to expand on tomorrow.  If you can believe i have had this pic for over a month...waiting to be blogged!

But i haven't had the time toedit the photos...
Good news though, my computer (mac) is back from the "doctors" and i even have the windows partition figured out.  So I am officially-finally- onone computer!

Any how, here is the pic I want to share...demo and supplies to come ( i hope!)
 but i couldn't put it off any longer!
Gotta go for now....neglecting the hubbs!
night... 'till your next fix!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Phew...just in time...wanted to make sure I got all entires that went to spam...and the last ones up until 2/14.  And the lucky winner ( is

Scorpio1312 !

So, email if you are reading this.  Hope to hear from you by Feb. 20th...
Congrats, and thank you to all of you who entered, loved hearing about the konad wish list, and what you currently have.
For those of you who don't know, in January I started up a new business, and I am selling Konad products.
I am so excited to hear what plates every one likes, has, craves!
Thanks again for following my blog, your readership means a lot to me.

I look forward to hosting more Give-aways for my lovely readers!

Till your next fix......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Nails

Hi fellow Konaddicts!  It has been a little bit since I have been able to blog a design of mine.  I actually did these a couple weeks ago and thought they would be perrfect for today.  I wanted to try to make time to squeeze them in before the close of the day... sorry not a more detailed tutorial.  Forgot to take pics of the polishes. 
These are the steps, just paint the base coat then sponge off the tips of the second coat.  I added a gold stamp from one of the new plates... m81

wish i could blog to go to bed for now.  But tomorrow on my mac (I'm on my Dino laptop) I have some pics my sister did of her mardi gras nails...very cool- also using a new plate.

 and the polishes she used.  You can see she used the greenish color and the plum color on the full nail plate.  makes it look like 2 separate color applications, but it's done in one step!  Great with this nail plate because of the separation betwen the designs.  Great job "Proud Sissy"

Crystal Caviar Cuticles

Working with Caviar beads is a little challenging.  You need enough gel under them to help them stick, but not so much that they drown and ...