Friday, March 26, 2010

Psych Zebra!

I'm a little late on the Wednessday post...hope I still get some love!

My fellow Konaddicts, i feel as though I have "fallen off the wagon" so to speak.  I miss blogging and having my nails pimped out in a fantastic konadicure!

 Here is a super fun zebra nail tip.  It is so fast and better try it!  Change the colors if you wish.  I think Im for this non-traditional look though, because it is still wearable!
I think the tips are a little high, could have covered the smile line better-as my nail is showing through. 

Here is the basic supplies to create the look:


Sally Girl mini polish in "pea-body", Konad image plate m69, konad princess polish in psych pink, Konad top coat, and of course a stamper scraper.

Follow these steps to konadiclone this look:
1) Paint tips.  I do this free hand, but for shorter nails you can use Konad image plate m19 for tips that dry almost waiting before applying the zebra tips.
2) use the LONG side of the image on plate m69 to "hug" your smile line right over the green....if you slightly arch the stap when you roll it, it will make a nice C on the smile rather than a sraight across tip.
I hope to do videos of this soon.  ( be patient though, still learning hoe wo edit video)
3) cover and protect with Konad clear top coat.

so go do your own funky zebra!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Poor Unlucky Irish Bastard!

Yeah...See what I mean?!
Hello My fellow Konaddicts!  How to like that for the luck O' the Irish!?  Polished up my pretties, forgot to photo them before we gutted the garage of the old cabinetry.  Sadly-my nail was a casualty or the garage remodel, and we are't even close to being done.

Wish I could take credit for the "kiss me" I'm irish idea- BUT I CAN"T.  My sister did a manicure and told me about it.  So I kloned it.  I have her Konadicure below, you will see how funny it is that ours are so different!
Lets just tuck that nasty broken one away, shall we?  Try to envision the a complete set of painted digits.


Anyhow, here is what you would need for this Konadicure

Pretty straight forward.
A Black base color, Konad image plates m4, m22, and m56.  Konad Princess Polish in Apple Green

Simply paint your base color, stamp the tips, and the extra clovers here and there.  Pretty basic right?

Let's have a look at the uber darling Irish Konadi my sis is sporting.

How dainty is that!?  Yes, I agree- very cute indeed!  And VERY wearable I might add.

Here's what you'll need.

Konad image plates m4, m22, m37, & m80.  Konad Princess Polish in Apple green, Konad Special Polish in White, and A Konad top coat for good measure;)

Do it like this...

And don't forget the Irish!


So....get a little green this St Patty's Day!

Good luck! (hope you don't end up with an unlucky little stubby like mine!)

'till your next fix...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fraudulent Marble!!!

Hello my fellow konaddicts!  Here is a quick post with what I am calling a "fraudulent marbling" design. Well I though this looked a little bit like marbeling, So that's where it got the name.

Here is what you will need.

Konad plate m78, Konad Special Polish Dark Purple and 2 different base colors.  I used a red and yellow- both from China Glaze.

The steps are pretty basic:
1. Pain base color
2. Paint a stripe on the second color down the middle of your finger, then sponge  it in.
3.Stamp image over full nail using the Konad SP in Dark Purple
the ending result...

I hope you all love the new Konadicure.  Try it yourself.
(here comes what will soon be the norm) a proud plug to my new website

'Till your next fix...

My New Website!

Oh how I have missed doing my nails and blogging for fun!!!! 
Hello my fellow konaddicts!  I have truely missed sahring with you.  I have a good excuse though...and here it is!
  I have been building my website for store front customers.  Some of you may know that in January I got my resalelicence and begun my new business selling konad. I needed to have a vertual catalog for customers who may want to look up products once they have left the salon.

So, pop in check it out.  It is a great source for getting all your image plate idas in one place.  Also, you can print out the image plate page and then cut out each plate image to file in you clear page holders-if this is the method you use for storing your image plates!

I love feed back on ways to make the site user friendly!  youcan enter the contact page and fill out the form with your suggestions!
Thanks for reading, AND your patience.
'till your next fix...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

long time no blog!

Soooooo Sooooo Sorry I have been MIA again!  I really have been so busy with a couple BIG projects, I have neglected ost things around here...including my nails!  i want to give a sneak peek at what i hope to expand on tomorrow.  If you can believe i have had this pic for over a month...waiting to be blogged!

But i haven't had the time toedit the photos...
Good news though, my computer (mac) is back from the "doctors" and i even have the windows partition figured out.  So I am officially-finally- onone computer!

Any how, here is the pic I want to share...demo and supplies to come ( i hope!)
 but i couldn't put it off any longer!
Gotta go for now....neglecting the hubbs!
night... 'till your next fix!


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