Thursday, December 31, 2009

Black Tie Celebration Nails...Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Years Eve  fellow Konaddicts!  I love this tuxedo inspired new years konadicure!  But it's late,  I must crash out
Hoping tomorrow I will have time to upload the tutorial.
Till then... stay tuned!

Oh, and how cute are the champagne glasses.  Wouldn't be a celebration with out bubbly!
Can you see the other nail with 2010....well there is also an engagement ring there, I'll share the full story later, gotta get some winks in!

Heres What you will need

Konad Image plates m71, m59, m38, konad Special polish in white and black, a silver color for the tips, here i used ICE brand (walmart), and a sheere blush color for the tips.

Here are the steps  to this Konadicure:
1. Paint sheer
2. Stamp the m71 ruffle 2 times vertically down the center of each nail.
3. Paint the tips Silver
4. Stamp tie in Konad SP black on the center of each nail at the smile line.
 Finally, Add bling buttons to the center of each tuxedo.  And stamp wine & bubbles on your black accent nail.

I created an engagement ring because my girlfriend was going to ha surprise engagement party for her soon to be sister in law.  So, it was a little inside joke.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Frosted Snow Flake Nails

Here are the Original Frosted nails I did. I was inspired by all the snow fall in Nebraska! Here I used a couple plates I haven't yet used...turns out, I love them!
I think these nails would be great for New Years and even the rest of winter considdering all the snow the central and east coast has recieved.

I used MULTIPLE images. One i used over the full nail, and the rest over random areas. Heres what you'll need for the look.You will Need plates m63, m20, m59, a sheere blush color, a konad compatible silver color, a konad white special polish, a color for your tips (I made this one here with clear, white, silver, and a china glaze clear, I wanted a frosty light blue) sparkle top coat, and finally a sparkle polish.
Heres How to:
1) Paint sheer blush over the full nail
2) Paint your tips freehand with the light blue ( or other color of your choice)

3) With the silver polish, stamp the swirls from plate m63 over your full nail. Change or rotate the direction on each nail, for interst.
4) in white, stamp the various snowflakes from plates m20 & m59 over each nail. Stamp on the tips and the base of the nail.

Stamp 1/2 the snow flake on one nail tip (running off the tip) and quickly use the remaining image to stanp on another nail. This comes in handy because it makes the design both interesting, and faster because of the many snowflakes you will be adding.

Finish the nails with a glitter polish painted over the smile line!

My Flakey Christmas Birthday Nails!

Happy are some nails I did for Christmas (my birthday). Actually, I did these in Nebraska (while visiting my sis)...then repainted the tips red, and restamped the tips with partial snowflakes. Yeah, I've been sooo busy, I haven't even filled my gel nails for 3 weeks now! yikes.
The tutorial will follow!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes Brooke (gethcha nails did) Rocks!

So Brooke of Get Your Nails did gave a terrific tutorial on how to make these DARLING cupcake ornaments! She saw the idea on Etsy...and was inspired to create (an even better) version of her own. I followed her tutorial and had my neice and nephews make these for my sister....WHO LOVES CUPCAKES!
It was a great craft project to do with the kids while I was visiting. So thanks Brooke for the idea and instructions! My sister LOVED them! the kids felt special they could create a gift for thier mom.

Nebraska Snow Cones....

Here are some pictures from my trip to visit my sister in Omaha Nebraska.

There was snow when we arrived, and Charlie (my youngest daughter) loved it! When we were out in the front yard, Charlie was scooping up the snow and eating it. So, I had a plan.....why not have fun with it? It turns out Shari had snow cone syrup left over from summer. So we dug little holes in clean snow, poured in the flavors....and let the kids have at it with spoons! They had so much fun, Shari decided it could become a snow-day tradition. Made for a great time, great snow cones, and great memories!

Here is a picture of my sisters family, and my mom. we went sledding this day. The snow was a real novelty for Charlie & I....but, then again, we don't have to live in it!

I'm Back...but Not Totally up & Running:(

Hey, back from Nebraska! Lucky to get back dumped snow the morning we were to fly home and caused flight delays.
My camera is out of my postings will have pictures i took with my iphone and my mother-in-laws camera. Neither have a good lens for close ups! so that's what I mean by not up and running totally.
I got a beautiful new Mac...but sadly I don't really know how to use it! So , again, I'm surfing from lap top to desk top, camera to phone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Kiddie Konadi #3 Easy & Cute

I have to update this later...I am off to Nebraska, brrrrrrrr ( visiting my lovely big sis! Can't wait I misss her & Her Beautiful Kids... Anyhow, its late/early (2:00 am) but I wanted to post images so I could edit once there.

looks like i forgot to add the picture of image plate m39...

might for now...need to get some winks in!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kiddie Konadi #2

Seriously...two easy steps to an adorable Kiddie Konadi????? Yeah, really. What a basic konadi, but this swirl design makes quite an impact when used in contrasting colors. As you know Konad dies quickly, so again- you're not investing too much time in a manicure that may get smudged a touch or chipped....ahhhh kids! You can only keep them still for so long!
Here's what you will need:
A base color, I used an NYC in black, Konad SP Polish in white, and Konad Image plate m9
And here is how easy it is!

1. Paint nails with the base color
2. Stamp swirl design on all the little fingers!
Here's a great tip.....
because little fingers have tiny nail beds, SAVE EVEN MORE TIME with your full image. After picking up your image, stamp the first nails, then QUICKLY rotate your stamper and use the remaining image on the next finger! You can get 2 fingers done in one image stamping!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kiddie Konadi #1

As promised, I am going to feature a series of kid friendly Konadicures...Kiddie Konadi's. I think we ladies enjoy using Konad products and creating Konadi's for ourselves and friends, but our daughters love them too.

I have a 3 year old and a 6 year old who love having their nails done! I like to make their nails extra special by applying a Konad nail art design to them. Of course you all know how fast and easy it is, so it is no no big deal or waste of time to glam them out.

So, get out your Konad- and spend some good old fashioned girl bonding time with your little one. My girls like to pretend we are in a salon an create an elaborate story for who we are, our names, dolly's names and ages, and the "specials" of the day. They even create names for the specials...very sellable indeed!

Here is what you will need: Base color, plates m57, & m3, Konad special polish in black and white. Glitter polish for tips.

1. Apply base color

2.Stamp first image in white over full nail, then follow with the bows in black. I like to place them diagonally, but you should do them however you find them pleasing.
3. Paint the tips with a sparkle color similar to the base color. But you could create an entirely different look by using a contrasting or even solid tip color.

Readers Rock!

I thought I would take a Moment to say..... You readers all ROCK!
Thanks for reading my blog, and all your input. I appreciate that you carve out a little morsel of time in your day to take a peek @ my blog. So, thanks!

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