Saturday, October 31, 2009

Super Spiderific!

I have totally fallen I love with the the spider designs. Pretty much most of the halloween designs have incorporated at least one of the spiders.

This lace design is also one of my favorites.  So I have done atleast 4 halloween Mani's with the lace. The lace below is done the Konad Black Gold color where the spiders are black.

Both designs re pretty basic.
1. Paint blush over full nail
2. Paint tips.
3. Stamp tip design over tip or along the time line.
4. Stamp on little spiders
5. Add a crystal to each big spider!
Super spideriffic!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Blood Dipped Tips

I'm Finally getting around to blogging the tutorial for these pretty basic and fast nails. I originally found the base nail design (bloody tips) on another nail blog. SADLY.........I cant remember where I originally saw it, though I have searched. SO if any one recognizes this design...
PLEASE COMMENT BELOW WITH LINK, i want the designer to be properly credited.
Any how, when I saw it, I loved the design immediately. So, when Halloween designs were swirling in my head, I remembered the wonderful bloody tips! Here I simply added the skull, and created an accent nail
Thank you Trinca for finding this picture and web page. Nihrida created this amazing manicure: the original manicure I used for my inspiration.
Very Beautiful, and the red is SO VIVID, way better than mine.. If I had I remembered where I found it in the first place..I'd have read to see what red she used. Please visit her website to see all her amazing work. I'll never forget her website now....because I'm gonna add it to my Blogroll.
Here's what you'll need:
Black base color, red polish for accent nail, and tips. White & Black SP polish, and plates from the BOO! Kit. m13, m28
here's how to create the look:

1. Polish all nails with 2X base color

2.Stamp images. I do this first because the painted tips take a while to dry. Rather than wait the drying time before konadding, save time, konad first!

3. Polish tips with red in a sloppy bloody pattern, being careful around the skeleton image.

Of course this idea occurred to me AFTER this konadi....on the next Konadi I did for my M-I-L. But, i think it would look great on these nails!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nails Night Out

Beauty industry top mavens and cosmetic elite join together to paint the town red and their nails too, for the first stop on the Nails Night Out national beauty event

Nails Night Out kicks off in New York in partnership with today's top lacquer brands including Rescue Beauty Lounge, Rescue Beauty Lounge, Nailtini, Priti NYC, Color Club Nail Polish/Forsythe Cosmetic Group, Barielle, Jesses Girl Cosmetics, Nailtini, OC Nail Art, Carol's Daughter, White Lies l Color Truths and PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics.

New York, New York ( - Nails Night Out is a gathering of bloggers, beauty editors, creative directors, lacquer lovers, and beauty/cosmetics junkies for a night filled with polish splendor. Traveling the nation, Nails Night Out will stop in multiple cities to fulfill their mission of spreading color and beauty to the world. Join self - admitted nail polish addicts for their first stop on this national beauty event, Nails Night Out NYC! on October 24, 2009 at the Beauty Bar NY from 7:30pm - 9:30pm.

Nails Night Out has been featured in, and more with top beauty bloggers all abuzz for this first ever lacquer focused series of events. Ji Baek (Founder, Rescue Beauty Lounge), Michelle Olson (Founder, Nailtini), and Kathleen Highland (Owner, OC Nail Art) are the specially invited guest for the inauguration of this colorful affair. Girls will expect a night filled with new color launches, polish swaps, crayola inspired martinis, beauty talk, desserts and gift bags to die for. Supporting women from their expression in color to their well - being, proceeds from Nails Night Out will go to benefit Breast Cancer Research. Tamara Odom (Nails Night Out Organizer) states, "Nails Night Out is for the kind of woman who loves nail polish,makeup, and color. She raves to everyone she knows about the latest in lacquer, she sets trends and takes cues from her favorite celebrities and she knows that nail polish is an ultimate accessory."

Join Nails Night Out as they kick off Nail Night Out NYC! on October 24, 2009 at the Beauty Bar NY from 7:30pm - 9:30pm. For more information on how to attend and tour schedule visit and join the conversation at

Monday, October 19, 2009

And The Winner Is...............

Thank you all for emailing me some of the most unique and beautiful KONADicures out there. I have selected the konadicures which really caught my eye. Because some people just have beautiful matter what they paint them like, it was hard to decide on my favorite konadi.
Here were my top three favorite.

Reader Joan S of BC, winner of the Boo Kit found my Favorite Konadicure, one posted on the polish or perish website.

Reader Paige Kennedy found this image on Kroniclesof a Konad-er blog. Awesome job -error>powerliftchick.

Bonni Yang Of Canada found this beautiful image at wow wow nails.
Thank you so much for all of you rewsearching the variouse Konadicures out there and sharingthem with me. I hope the search cultivated some inspiration for your konadi's as well. Please- send me your photos f YOUR konadicures....I'd love to feature them on my blog!
This post was longer...I couldnt stop raing about all the previous konadicures....but my blogger CRAPPED OUT ON ME.......NICE! didn't save much but the images.....running out of I have to post it as brief as it is ;(
Please click all pictures to link back to the VERY TALANTED artists who created these konadicures!
This Give-Away has been GENEROUSLY Sponsored by OCNailart. So, that awesome Boo! Kit Joan just's available exclusively @ OCnailart!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween Happy Nails!

Cant help it...I just think these nails are happy!that's why I called them Halloween Happy nails. I used elements from the new Boo! Kit and the Coraline kit. I think any of the Coraline kits are great for Halloween too.

Here's what you need:

1. Plates m28, m13, & co6
2. you will also need a sheer base pink/blush

3. A konadable black polish, and any orange color for the tips and accent nail. Again I used a color from the tattoo taboo OPI kit
1. Paint sheer blush over all nails
2. Paint orange on the tips and over entire accent nail. I used 2X coats.
3. Stamp black Coraline tips. I used 2 different tip designs and alternated them every other tip ( not including the accent nail)
Follow with a spider stamp on each nail. I added two for the thumb so it would cover more. It make for an interesting design if each spider is in a different angle.
4. Use the Jack-o-Lanteren for the accent nail.

This is a pretty fast design if you freehand the orage tips over the blush. If you are not as fluent with painting your could do that FIRST, then clean the smile line with an acetone soaked brush, then pain blush on bottom 1/2 of nail. But I think here the Coreline tips help cover any small imperfections,
and it is a very forgiving design because of the space inbetween each graphic. Some of the other tips HAVE TO BE PERFECT and can be trickier.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dr. Franken-Skull Glow Nails

Just love image plate m7 for the little skull. It's a tad goofy & a tad sweet. So here are some Halloween inspired nails. I used a combo of plates, including one from the new Boo! Kit. The polishes I used are the new OPI mini's. This purple glows in the dark! SPOOOKY!
Here is what you will need:
1. purpleish base color I used OPI mini from the kit below.
2. black color for tips.
3. konad black SP
Plates m1, m7, & m13

Here's how to do it.
1.Paint base coat.
2. Paint tips black. I first attempted to konad the tip (this glow polish has some adhesion if you plan to konad the tips, I recommend you apply a clear coat first over the glow base to help the konad image transfer) but has some issues. I usually freehand tips because it is always easier & faster for me. It is also more predictable. As much as I love Konad...the french tip plateis useless to me!
3. Apply the little skull to all fingers except the pinki (unless you have a wide nail, it probably will not fit) I skipped my ring finger because it too is too small.
4. Stamp the shoelace design (one i thought i'd never use!) abstractly around the skull, to give it a Frankenstein look. Add small spider from m1 where ever you can or to fill "bald" areas.
There you have it! Your very own freaky, franken-skull nails. the bonus is that they glow in the dark!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Konad Boo! Kit GIVE-AWAY.....Enter Today! ENDS 10/19

This is one of the easiest give-aways you will enter!

No trick here...just the coolest Halloween Treat for your nails. Enter to win the OCNailArt Exclusive Boo! Kit. Like the B Kit, it comes with 2 plates, 3 polishes, a stamper & scraper (there is a bonus pack of crystals!) However, this kit was especially designed for the Halloween Season.

This is how it is packaged, in your own little Konad mini-bag
And here is what is inside. There are also clear crystals in this goodie bag of nail treats!

Additionally I have 2 OPI Tatoo Ta-boo Kits to give away for the runners up!It includes 4 mini polishes (including a GLOW IN THE DARK!) that work beautifully with any of the Halloween Konad designs.

Grand prize winner will receive one BOO! Kit. 2 lucky runners up will receive 1 of the OPI Tatoo Ta-boo kits each.

How to Enter

1. Comb the Internet for YOUR favorite Konadicure.

2. Email me a picture AND AN INTERNET LINK to the picture. Please please make sure you don't just email the link i need you to CUT & PASTE the picture into the body of the email. I don't have time to open ALL links in the email to GET to the pic entry.

3. Include your zip code in the email. If you are selected as the winning entry, your prize WILL ONLY BE MAILED TO AN ADDRESS with that matching zip code. Last time I had a heck of a time with multiple entries under fake profiles! (lame I know)

4. Only one entry per person PLEASE?! There will be three winners....& this is going to be a FAST contest turn around (so your chances will be good).

This contest IS TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE! I will decide the winner based on which Konadicure Design I fancy most. I am looking for layered designs with attractive colors, interesting base nail techniques. See what I have NO idea what I'm talking about. It's totally subjective. Every one has different taste. What I mean by "attractive," may totally different than your definition. So.....ENLIGHTEN ME! Show me YOUR favorites. You know as well as I do, sometimes it is hard to articulate just WHAT makes that mani so special! But we know a great one when we see it!

THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED Monday October 19th. I want you to have time to play with your spooktacular kit!

And let's give a BIG FAT thank you to Kathleen @OCNAilArt for sponsoring this give-away!!!!!

Oh, & a shameless plug for myself....check out her website-she was kind enough to trust me with designing some graphics and logo for her new web layout.

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