Thursday, June 24, 2010

Be back soon.....from the "windy city"

Hello fellow konaddicts, I'm here on vacation in Chicago IL. Still sporting the world cup nails...minus the thumbs- broke BOTH off while installing a sunscreen shade fabric on my patio cover. Anyhow, I hoped to blog before leaving, but I had a hot water pipe explode in between one of our walls (the day before leaving) I had to deal with that before going.

I will fix my nails and blog when in return, just in time for the 1st of July...I love 4th of July inspired nails!!!
Share with you then

Till your next fix,

P.s. I'd post pics, but I'm blogging from the hubs iPad.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Nails

Hello Konaddicts,
I am not actually "in the know" when it comes to soccer, but my husband is.  So, I have seen a bit of World Cup here on the TV.  I felt inspired to do something for the occasion.

How to create it.  (sorry I forgot to create a supplies list pics, but the plate numbers are listed below in the tag)

Ill be brief tonight, its late, and I want to catch up with the hubbs.
You will need Konad special polishes red, white, blue, & black.  Konad image plates m3, m45,m49,m52,m56 or you can use m52 with just the soccer image.
1) paint accent nails and tips, let dry.
 2) Stamp in white to act as a guide of where to paint the white dot, I wanted a 2 toned image.  After, I stamped over it in the 2nd color, black 
3) continue stamping the remaining soccerballs
4) stamp black check over tips, and use stars or "world cup" text here and there!
Thanks for reading.....  Till your next fix.....            

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