Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm back!!!

Im back...briefly that is. I did the plate m27 with fish designs. Not sure I like it too well, but I'll post later today. & today is my M-I-L birthday, so she's letting me do some Bday nails for her. Sorry I have'nt posted yet.
I still have not yet uploaded my pics from my camera from vacation!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aloha from Kauai

Aloooooha! This is gonnna be brief....I'm on vacation. Just had enough time to upload the nails I did before leaving! They are all broken now thugh....the rigours of travel! I'll post when I return Friday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

And the Lucky Winner Is.......

With the help of my 2 "LOVELY" assistants....I have selected a winner. The lucky winner is....

Here is a link to the "very official" drawing. My girls were very excited to help select a winner.
Thank you to all of you who entered and did a wonderful job on both blog postings, and emails. I really appreciate you helping me get the word out about my new blog.

BIG thanks to Kathleen of for generously sponsoring this giveaway! Kathleen did this as a wonderful favor to me and I just can't thank her enough...other than to continue to praise her awesome company & customer service!
On that note...I couldn't think of a more fitting winner for the give away...Julie AKA "Jollyo" in blogger has been following my blog, it seems, from the beginning. Also, she knows first hand how terrific OCNAILART is. So, after drawing and searching my saved folder in aol for her entry....I squealed with delight, cuz I was so happy for her.

Here is her entry:

My name is Julie, aka "jollyo". I have been using my Konad for about 2 weeks now. I just LOVE it!! I was trying to do nail

art with fine, tiny brushes. Let's just say that my hand is not the steadiest. But using the Konad has fixed that. I get compliments on my nails all the time now!! I LOVE that fact that it's pretty easy, and super fun!! It really takes the hard work out of doing nail art!!

Now, why I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! I'm soooo glad that I found you. How I found you??? Well, I just did a google search for Konad blogs. It was that simple!! I have also noticed that other blogs have a link to you on their sites as well. I should just go ahead and make you my home page I guess!! Cause I really do check your blog about 20 times a day!! I love your step-by-step tutorials!! They make it easy for a beginner like me to make wonderful designs!! I also like the fact that you use "OTC"(over the counter) polishes!! It's nice to know that I don't have to use a "special" polish everytime, to get a great look!! And I like the fact that you deal with OCNail!! Like I said on your blog, I WILL NEVER BUY MY KONADS anywhere else!!! Their customer service ROCKS!! Now for my pic. I just want to let you know that my camera is well....SORRY!! This mani looks MUCH BETTER in person!!

I took your "Killer Swirl" and changed the colors. I used Finger Piants, they seem to work well with the Konad!Thanks for all the hard work that you put into your blog!!


So, CONGRADULATIONS again....and thank you to all of you contestants who contributed your time and energy to this Give Away. I really hope to do it AGAIN soon!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tick Tock....Goes the Konad Clock!

Sooo, the contest is winding down, but there are still about 6.5 hours left. I am actually pretty excited about the whole are my girls. They are going to help me draw. I COULD do the whole thing, but that's too easy. My girls want to help, one will mix, one will draw. I think we will make a ceremony of it- you know drumroll, audience (dad) fancy dress up clothes. Yup. The girls will be all over it!

Good luck to all of you who have entered, or who will slam your entry in right before the midnight deadline (PST)!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chinese Take-Out

My mother in law , Loiscame for her weekly mani. I have been wanting to do a sponge art nail for a while...but my fingers were full of other konadicures I had already drempt up! Any how, Lois was very generous in letting me wing it. Now when she comes over for a paint job, she knows to just throw her hands over, and let me do my thing. Very trusting of her indeed. So here is what I'm Calling Chinese Take Out. Maybe I should had dubbed it China Town Because take out really would be a white nail with red Konad on it? Anyway...

Here is what you will need. Sally Hansen intsa dry in Lightening, Petites in Mango, Konad red, any black that works with konad. For a VERY complete list, see sasse's stamping stampede.
You will also need the Konad sponge art set. But really, you can use any dense foam like material-not a regular sponge! I think the gray art brushes from the craft store would work (it appears to be the same material). Then you would need a plate/flat surface to put polish on, maybe a magazine you can just toss it later?
1. Paint base coat
2. Sponge nail tips and graduate color to tips.
The picture below shows how you apply a "blob" to the plate, then pick up a small amount of color on the sponge.
3. Stamp image from plate24 in red, then again in black.
4. Finish with dragon flies on thumb, or any other finger there is extra room.

Crystal Caviar Cuticles

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