Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Little Leopard Rockstar Nails

This picture was taken a couple days after SHE CHIPPED THE TIPS ;(Last week was the first week of 1st grade!!!! HOORAY for Alex. After selecting her outfit, she wanted me to design some matching nails. She actually selected the gray color as the base. She wanted them to match her skirt. She also selected the fleur de lies to match the one on her shirt.
Here's her outfit. And a close up of her thumb nail with the matching fleur de lies.
I realized I never took a photo of the supplies, so I didn't design a page for that. I can try to to so later and edit this post.
This is a basic design.
1. Paint base coat
2. Apply stamp leopard print
3. Paint Tips. I used a nail art pen, they work THE BEST for little fingers french tips!
4. Stamp thumbs with Fleur
5. Add crystal to thumb, cenetr of fleur.

Your little diva has rock star nails!!!!


kittyluvscolor said...

So Cute! Great job!!!

*~kAy~* said...

she is so adorable! <3
such cute nails! :)

Julie said...

Rock on Alex, rock on!! Super cute mani for a super cute girl!! I hope that she is enjoying the 1st grade!!

Lucy said...

You have a beautiful daughter! Very fashionable and color aware. I love what she choose for the color. She definitely rock this look. I be she was the most amazingly dressed and manicured 1st grader!

Kathleen said...

Just gorgeous!!!

PowerLifterChick said...

Such a cutie!
And such good fashion sense!


chocaddict said...

awww that's adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, this is too cute!

ReinventingMe said...

can you tell me the color of the base (grey)you used? Also, the plate that has the fleur on it.
Thanks I love your blog, you are so creative and inspire me to konad.

konaddict said...

Sorry for taking a while to get back to you...Im working on a'll get to see it soon.


REINVENTING YOU,the plate i used is m15 & I used pure ice, color kiss me here.

You can find it at walmart. I cant help wandering to the polish isle whenever I run errands, so therefore have quite a bit of drug store finds.
hope that helps

Tamara said...

Hello! This is my first time on your blog. But I'll be back. What is the plate number of the leopard design? The little lady is cute! And her nails looked great!

konADDICT said...

tamara, m57. Welcome to my blog, thanks for reading. Hoping to get some new things posted...&&&&I have a GIVE AWAY coming. The exclusive Boo Kit! So give ma a day to get that going.

Tamara said...

Thanks, Konaddict! I made my first order with OCNailArt yesterday. Excited. I ended up getting plate M57. I'll do my best to learn.

Stacey Sharp said...

Really awesome designs. Can you give any ebook link of designs please.
Looking forward for your reply.

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