Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frosted Fairy my daughter called them.

These sparkly beauties elicited smiles & pure excitement from Alex (6). She said they were fairy nails, kind of like tinkerbell! I used a holographic glitter polish from Sally Hansen to bluff the smile line and add a touch of "sweetness" to this Konadicure. So you don't have to have a steady hand for this mani, or flat brush to clean your tips to a beautiful sharp smile line....just fake it & glitter it!!!
Not bad for a drug store find. Both the green and the holo sparkle are from Sally Hansen line found @CVS drugstore. I show it in a blurred picture above so you can see just how enchanting all that sparkle is! Oh and see the fairy on the thumb.
You will need image plate m35, a sheer blush, lime lights (opalescent green) & strobe light (sparkle) both from Salley Hansen, and finally a silver for the design.
How to:
1. Paint sheer blush over entire nail
2. paint your tips with 2 coats of green Lime Lights
3. Paint the sparkles horizontally over the smile line, this will fog the line and make the colors look like one graduates into the other.
4. stamp petal clusters on fingers 2-5 and stamp the fairy on your thumb.
OOOOOH just frosted fairy precious


thriszha said...

this is so pretty.. im about to make a design for this ip... hehehehe...thanks for sharing this idea.. love it.. btw.. heres my email..

jollyo said...

I think Alex is right, they do look like Tinkerbell's nails!! They are so cute!! Glad to see you back!! Missed your great tutorials!! Yep, I've still been checking 20 times a day!! :)


Mary said...

Agree with fiary nails! They look like they're dipped in sugar, I love it!

chocaddict said...

that's sooo pretty :)
I love the sparkles...and I'm nowhere near being 6 years old, lol!

Anonymous said...

Which China Glaze pink did you use?

Mighty Lambchop said...

Your daughter was spot on in her description. Thank you for the tutorial. I will have to try this soon.

Jo said...

OMG, truly fairy nails :) I should try this, like a fairy that I am! :)

Lucy said...

Alex is very smart. I love these fairy nails. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks awesome! Love it!

Oh and I love the new OCNailArt logo that you designed!

konADDICT said...'re too damn funny! Thanks Choc, lucy, lamb chop (you'e new to my blog yeah, & welcome!!!) HEEEEY JULIE (jollyo) When you getting a blog up...all that skil!? gotta check out thriszha blog you all...great stuff...inspiring.
Sassy, yeah, thanks. I actually reworked it. &&&&& designed a bunch of other elements for her site. Look for them after wednessday. Maybe she'll have it all up & running! Sassy, im gonna send you an email with some halloween nails I tried to design for her new Boo Kit coming out. Keep your eyes out for that.

Anonymous said...

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