Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Win an ALL NEW RUBY KIT by konad!!! (closes 2-14-2010)

As a BIG FAT THANK YOU to all my readers I want to host a give away. I would love to give one of you that new Ruby Kit Konad had just come out with. It's pretty amazing, and any one would be lucky to win it!

Here are the imageplates included.

This contest is totally easy too! Here are the rules :

1. This contest is only open to members of my blog.  To become a member of my blog, simply click the "follow me button" to the right.
2. Send me an email contaning all these elements
                     a) your member profile name
                     b) make sure you have your return email listed
                     c) city and country you follow from
3. Flip through my old posts, and find a konadicure you like most, or would most like to konadiclone.  Include the name and date of this posting
4.  Tell me   a) what plate you own.....&  b) which plate you wish to own.

That's it!   
Tell me watch you got- what you want- and what you like.

email the above info to

Contest closes on Feb. 14, 2010.  Hope you feel the love!

This Conest Is Closed Now...Thanks for Your Entires

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