Sunday, January 10, 2010

Green Envy

My fellow Konaddicts...hope the first week of the new year has been good to you.  I've been busy with a new little venture of my own.  But i have been going through blog withdrawl!
 Been a little while since i did these, but looking backk at them, I really like the Konadicure & colors. I hope you do too.

So here is what you will need to create this Konadicure.

You will need konad image plates m34, m44, mCO2.  You will also need Konad special polish in black, and a konad compatable color in gold.  I used a sheer blush color over the antire nail , and green for the tips.

Here is the step by step tutorial.

1. Paint the sheer color over full nail.
2. Paint your tips with the green, you can free hand this part because the design on konad plate m44 will cover any wiggly lines. (gotta love that)

3. Stamp m44 over tips, lining up the bottom stripe with your smile line.
4. Stamp stars in gold over all fingers, including accent nail.  Then follow with the cat from CO2 on the accent nail.

An there it is!  Of course always prep with a base coat, and follow with a top coat.  Substitute your favorite colors for any I have chosen.
I think you will really like konad image plate m44. 
Use m44 on your daughters  kiddie konadi.  It works perfectly for doing a french tip on thier  tiny fingers!

Thnks for reading...till your next fix,


moodpuppet said...

I really like the black and green striped tips. The kitty is pretty cute too!

Thess said...

I Like IT!
I'm a sucker for french anyway.. =D
Nice job!

Ayuu said...

That's cute ! I love the colors you used :)

gildedangel said...

That is a gorgeous mani!

Anonymous said...

i love this! that green and black go perfect together and especially with the french stripe, ack! sooo pretty. awesome use of that snarky lil kitty =D

pascale said...

I like very much what you make and if you the desire occasionally pass to pay me a small visit on my blog blog
has bientot

Solveig said...

So cool!

konADDICT said...

Mood puppet & Ayuu, thank you for recently joining my blog, i love that you check in now & again to see whats new. Thanks for the kind words.
Thess- yes, me too I actually prefer the french tips.
Guilded angel- you always have such wonderful compliments, thank you- and thank you for being a long time follower, your constant feedback is great motivation!
Solveig- coming from a talent like you, im flattered!
Pascale, thanks for the likn, i checked it out- so nice that you do a lot of color swatching.

& to the lovely anonymous- thanks...i wasnt sure about the black & green, but its all very SNARKY as you put it- thanks all and keep checking in.

have a great week!

L said...

This is such a cool manicure.

Doo said...

That's so classy, love the combo! Makes me really want to go and grab a green polish - and that's a rare thing for me :D

Lina Tran said...

I love the Green!!! :) So cute

konADDICT said...

Doo- I'm with you. I'm still learning to push the envelope on color!

Candi said...

Thanks for the tip about M44. I usually keep my nails short and it helps me do a french better than M19.

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