Friday, January 22, 2010

Kattie Kiddie

Hey,Fellow Konaddicts!  Wanted to post a cute konadicure i did on Alex.  Thisis a fast post....going to San Diego for the night- Girls Night Out.  I have to catch a train in 2 hours...and havent even done my nails or packed!

and here is a few of the other fingers showing the opposite hand in reverse.

heres what you will need
Koand Special polish in black. pure ice in silver, and a base color. Konad image plates m57 and optional m19 for the strip.

here is how to do this super easy design
1) paint base color
2) using konad image plate m19, stamp a strip in the middle of the nail.  you could free hand it too.  but it dries instantly with you dont have to wait for drying time!

3)stamp leopard lace over the strip, so it is between the lace borders
4) paint the other hand in the revese fashion.

have fun.

untill the next fix...


Evil Angel said...

This is very cute!

gildedangel said...

That is so cute!!!

Lina Tran said...

This is so cute!!!!!!

Kathleen said...


evie said...

very pretty!! and thank you for having a post of your favourite must buy konad plates! XD its has been a great help for me!

Lily nail said...

this konadicure is perfect on you :D

Lily nail said...

so cuuute !!!

Anonymous said...

What is the nameof thechina Glaze base color? Thanks.