Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post vacation a Nails...not pretty!

This Is a frightening post my fellow konaddicts...
THIS is what my nails looked like AFTER vacation.  Keep in mind, I had broken off both thumbs ( of my world cup mani) before leaving, never fixed them before leaving...didn't do a fill either. It was bananas here with the pre-packing saga.
how do you like that painful break in the ring finger? YIIIIKES!

the pther hand is equally jacked! (I'm a picker- so I added to the trouble with my pinky)

I decided to rip them off and start all over- no extensions.  I put fresh gel over them and formed out a couple of the nail tips.  But generally speking, I wanted to keep them short because we will be doing alot of moving stuff aroung during the construction that is about to happen in the house.

I use Young Nail gel products.  I do not use the soak off formulas anymore.  I do them myself.  On occasion, when I am out of time or motivationi'll cheat and have them done.  That's what happened before the trip.  I had acrylic put on....eeeewwww.  It yellowed and the tips lifted. Just a mess.  That is why I ripped them off and started fresh.  I think the gel has a cleaner look.  I used to do acrylic, and forgot how they wear.  There really is a difference (on my nails) with how they feel and wear.

So there you are, I have a new pallet for painting (even though they are short!)


rmcandlelight said...

You are on your way to recover! :D

Solveig said...

I used the Young Nails gel on my toes, it's really nice. :)

peaceandlove03 said...

can you do a post on how to gel your nails and which young gel nails products you use? i really want to do that because my nails are tiny but i want to add just a little bit of length like you did and still keep them somewhat short, i just need help figuring out how do to it. please please please help! hehehe. if you cant post can you try and explain it to me a little? thanks!!!!

Fashion-rocks said...

I'm interested in hearing more about the gel. what does it do? does it strengthen and repair nails?

because at the moment I am trying to prevent my nails from chipping by using vaseline. After having acrylics on my nails too.


Nicole said...

I also would like for you to explain how you use the young nail gel. Like how you do it and what exactly you use they look so nice :) My nails are also tiny and I would like just a little bit more length on my nails, it would make using my Konad stamps easier too. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to know about the gel too. I've tried the gel kit from Wal-Mart, not too happy with it.