Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An adMARBLE attempt

I'm am calling this my "admarble" attempt...haha get it?  Yes, I attempted a water marble for my fourth of July konadicure.  i wanted to create a waving flag.  Well, big FAIL.  Never water marbled before, there MUST be a trick to it that I didn't hear because these are a disaster.

My white was too thick, so I used a clear coat when alternating inbetween the red and "white."
  I started with a white base coat.  And my ignorance..or was it cockyness caused me to forgo the step where you tape up your nails...big mistake.

Below are pics of the first run, I removed it, taped the second time, and still ended up with a sad konadi ;(

soooo, needless to say, THOSE were NOT my 4th of July mani!


Alexisaraus said...

Not too sad! Great attempt!


beautyandthebeast said...

I think its not bad for a first attempt...will you try it again? I think you should :)


Mëluzynn said...

Not bad for the first attempt, you have to see my first
Love your blog, I add you in my blogroll to follow more often ;)
Have a sunny day ^^

Jessica said...

WoW nice Nails. I want so Nails.

Dumbfresh87 said...

it was a good attempt! i usually have to paint my nails two or three times before they are just the way i like them!
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

did you use konad special nail polisses at that marble nail art? or just the konad regular polishes?