Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes Brooke (gethcha nails did) Rocks!

So Brooke of Get Your Nails did gave a terrific tutorial on how to make these DARLING cupcake ornaments! She saw the idea on Etsy...and was inspired to create (an even better) version of her own. I followed her tutorial and had my neice and nephews make these for my sister....WHO LOVES CUPCAKES!
It was a great craft project to do with the kids while I was visiting. So thanks Brooke for the idea and instructions! My sister LOVED them! the kids felt special they could create a gift for thier mom.


Tabula Rasa,,, said...

very cute! And what a great keepsake for the kids :)

Brooke said...

They turned out super cute! I ended up making 50 more for my mom, she wanted some and she gave some out and I gave a few to my sisters and a few friends too.

I was cupcaked out by the time I was done doing them all to say the least, lol!

konADDICT said...

wow! Well they were a big hit i made them on plastic ornaments because the kids were going to decorate them. Did you score the extra gel @ the discounted price? I got it on sale @ Michael's...otherwise, its pricey!!! put it in plastic bags, and let the kids pipe it on like frosting.

Happy new year.

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