Sunday, December 27, 2009

Frosted Snow Flake Nails

Here are the Original Frosted nails I did. I was inspired by all the snow fall in Nebraska! Here I used a couple plates I haven't yet used...turns out, I love them!
I think these nails would be great for New Years and even the rest of winter considdering all the snow the central and east coast has recieved.

I used MULTIPLE images. One i used over the full nail, and the rest over random areas. Heres what you'll need for the look.You will Need plates m63, m20, m59, a sheere blush color, a konad compatible silver color, a konad white special polish, a color for your tips (I made this one here with clear, white, silver, and a china glaze clear, I wanted a frosty light blue) sparkle top coat, and finally a sparkle polish.
Heres How to:
1) Paint sheer blush over the full nail
2) Paint your tips freehand with the light blue ( or other color of your choice)

3) With the silver polish, stamp the swirls from plate m63 over your full nail. Change or rotate the direction on each nail, for interst.
4) in white, stamp the various snowflakes from plates m20 & m59 over each nail. Stamp on the tips and the base of the nail.

Stamp 1/2 the snow flake on one nail tip (running off the tip) and quickly use the remaining image to stanp on another nail. This comes in handy because it makes the design both interesting, and faster because of the many snowflakes you will be adding.

Finish the nails with a glitter polish painted over the smile line!


Lucy said...

Very pretty pattern. Love the design.

konADDICT said...

thanks lucy

Andrea said...


I was so inspired by your Frosted konadicure from last December... so I created my own! I call it Snow & Ice because of the blue.

I used OPI Azure For Sure as a base color (super sheer tho, ugh!), Konad white & LA Colors nail art silver for the images and OPI top coat (never have issues with it smearing)

The swirls on m63 remind me of the tracks ice skates leave behind and the other one like blowing snow. =) Happy Winter!

~~ Andi

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