Monday, October 12, 2009

Konad Boo! Kit GIVE-AWAY.....Enter Today! ENDS 10/19

This is one of the easiest give-aways you will enter!

No trick here...just the coolest Halloween Treat for your nails. Enter to win the OCNailArt Exclusive Boo! Kit. Like the B Kit, it comes with 2 plates, 3 polishes, a stamper & scraper (there is a bonus pack of crystals!) However, this kit was especially designed for the Halloween Season.

This is how it is packaged, in your own little Konad mini-bag
And here is what is inside. There are also clear crystals in this goodie bag of nail treats!

Additionally I have 2 OPI Tatoo Ta-boo Kits to give away for the runners up!It includes 4 mini polishes (including a GLOW IN THE DARK!) that work beautifully with any of the Halloween Konad designs.

Grand prize winner will receive one BOO! Kit. 2 lucky runners up will receive 1 of the OPI Tatoo Ta-boo kits each.

How to Enter

1. Comb the Internet for YOUR favorite Konadicure.

2. Email me a picture AND AN INTERNET LINK to the picture. Please please make sure you don't just email the link i need you to CUT & PASTE the picture into the body of the email. I don't have time to open ALL links in the email to GET to the pic entry.

3. Include your zip code in the email. If you are selected as the winning entry, your prize WILL ONLY BE MAILED TO AN ADDRESS with that matching zip code. Last time I had a heck of a time with multiple entries under fake profiles! (lame I know)

4. Only one entry per person PLEASE?! There will be three winners....& this is going to be a FAST contest turn around (so your chances will be good).

This contest IS TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE! I will decide the winner based on which Konadicure Design I fancy most. I am looking for layered designs with attractive colors, interesting base nail techniques. See what I have NO idea what I'm talking about. It's totally subjective. Every one has different taste. What I mean by "attractive," may totally different than your definition. So.....ENLIGHTEN ME! Show me YOUR favorites. You know as well as I do, sometimes it is hard to articulate just WHAT makes that mani so special! But we know a great one when we see it!

THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED Monday October 19th. I want you to have time to play with your spooktacular kit!

And let's give a BIG FAT thank you to Kathleen @OCNAilArt for sponsoring this give-away!!!!!

Oh, & a shameless plug for myself....check out her website-she was kind enough to trust me with designing some graphics and logo for her new web layout.


Evil Angel said...

YAY! What a fun way to have a contest!

Kirsten said...

Cute prices! I love this, I already have a few designs in mind. I just hope I can find them again or else I will have to copy them and take a picture.

Mary Ann said...

I am gonna start looking. love your designs by the way.

thriszha said...

ohh... this is really fun? is this open internationally?can i used my old konadicure as my entry for this?

thriszha said...

i asked my hubby what is the zip code here in abu dhabi.. he told me theres no zip code here in abu dhabi not like in US.. In UAE the Postal Service using only P.O. Box numbers...waaaa... i really want to join & i love the OPI glow in the dark...

Kirsten said...

My god I have been searching through all my favorite nail blogs and a lot of new ones to me and I can't choose!
The search is giving me great inspiration for my own manis though. :P

icecoldlily said...

Is this contest international? It looks really good! :)

konADDICT said...

Kristen... I know, how fun to find inspiration..Thats my point. I'm getting Ideas to KONADOCLOCE!!!! that's why i would love the links. Have LOVE to see yur little amalgum ofdesigns in one super konadicure.

Yes this is open to all readersm even international!
Thriszha...of couse you may...infat someone has alreeady entered a konadicure of yours that they favor as the best konadi out was your black & silver swirl, holding the silver ball

konADDICT said...

uh...that should read konadiCLONE!!!!

Karin said...

but what's your email-adress then? :) and btw, we dont have zipcodes in sweden so what information do you want from me? :P

Konaddict said... I listed it in the post. Just tell me your city then, one element ghat will be in your mailing address should you win.

thriszha said...

thanks jen.. ill send my entry in ur email.. have a great day!! xoxo

Negra cabreada said...
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Anonymous said...

When is the deadline for this contest?

sassestampingstampede said...

A reader of mine noted that not all e-mail programs (such as GMail for example) allow direct copy and pasting of images in the body of the e-mail. I added a little blurb on my blog for the workaround!

Angela said...

thanks girl for the giveaway
I already e-mailed you

Adele said...

Yay - just sent you an email to enter...hope I'm not too late.

Great to see you back & soooo inspired (inspiring). I LOVE halloween x