Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Im back!  it's been several years of MOMMING IT REAL HARD...but I'm finally able to venture out again to rediscover my passions!
Thanks to all who have followed me in the past!  It's been a lifetime and blogging and social media  have changed soon much in the last decade!  so, yeah....if you're still here with me  COMMENT BELOW ON WHERE YOU ARE NOW, AND WHAT YOURE UP TO!!! DO YOU STILL DO YOUR NAILS?  STILL OBSESSED WITH MANIES?

I have started a new venture,  incorporating my love of styling nails and using my hands to create!  please check it out!
 I now create custom nail kits for you to take home and wear!  link to instagram below

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I hope you all check it out, like and follow!

till next time Konaddicts


Lumi said...


Nice to see a nail artist return! My old RSS-reader alerted me to your post, it was such a nice surprise. Good luck with your blog!

konADDICT said...

thanks for the welcome back!

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